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Depot Information

You can find the Societies depot at the end of Heald Green Station approach road. It is open Sundays 11am – 12 noon (All year except November, December and January) and Saturdays 11am – 12 noon (March, April and May)

You can join the society at the depot and buy your composts, fertilizers and garden sundries at keen prices.

The Depot closes at the end of October

Useful lists:

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Sample Prices

The following prices are for 3kg bags:-

Growmore £3.70
Fish Blood and Bone £2.10
Rose Fertiliser £3.00
Lawn Fertiliser – Spring and Summer £3.20
Lawn Fertiliser – Autumn and Winter £3.20
Weed Feed & Mosskiller £3.60
Sulphate of Ammonia £2.50
Sulphate of Iron £3.90

This is just an example of our stock, please visit us for the full range.

Items for sale

Items for sale

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